Our Methodology

Designed and built with care, filled with creative
elements and useful options.

Here is our recipe for delivering results that
are Effective, Useful, and Lasting.

We Believe in Excellent Service

We create relationships that are lasting so that your results are lasting.

Short Digestible Chunks of Knowledge

Research shows that it takes 30 days to develop a habit and 7 touches to get an appointment with a client. We have found the most effective way to make lasting change is through a process of delivering small digestible chunks of knowledge spread over a series of weeks or months. This allows for better skill building and improves confidence for lasting, contagious results.

Fun Factor

We believe that engaging your audience is critical for success. Who says training has to be boring. We aim high on delivering a training format that is guaranteed to energize your team, engage laughter, and ignite excitement to leave ready to make real change.

Practice Builds Confidence for Immediate Use

Practice is a vital component to begin to put what you learned into practice. We build practice around real-life situations with real people. It works!

Time is Money

We take care in delivering only the most useful and memorable techniques. We avoid the “too much information” pitfall that inhibits putting newly learned material into practice.

Reinforcement Hybrid

For optimal results, we recognize that today’s busy professional needs reinforcement tools that are convenient, effective, and measurable. We blend what works with technology. A combination of in-person refresher sessions, webinars, and our App, increase retention to over 80%, compared to an industry average of only 20% retention. That means a measurable ROI and better decisions regarding future training needs.

Vince Lombardi.

“The achievements of an organization are the combined effort of each individual.”


Solutions for Tough Organizational Problems

As we work across multiple industries and regions, we encounter common problems that compromise the financial success of an organization .  These are just a few of the common symptoms that indicate underlying problems:  Low client engagement, low client retention, slow sales, ineffective management of conflict, employee turnover, silos, multi-generational/cultural workforce clashes, low morale, ineffective meetings, ineffective problem solving, and  poor interpersonal skills.  These symptoms result in higher costs, slower growth, and lower returns.  Furthermore, we began to see the challenges facing organizations with finding people who possess the soft skills needed to perform at a higher level.  Candidates possessing soft skills are becoming harder to find.


Creating an Experience

With over 80 years of combined training and employee development experience, Speak So They Listen, LLC has formulated programs that target key problems that slow growth and affect the financial health of an organization.

Training is not a new concept.  However, when training was no longer engaging participants, lacked energy, and the world became too congested to actually remember and apply what was taught, SSTL went to work to create a Fun and Energizing training platform that would change lives and create lasting change for individuals and organizations around the world.

Raising the Bar.

Not Just Another Training Company

We love what we do and it shows.  Energy is important and each individual is born with their unique blend.  By igniting the energy within each individual, they begin to build confidence to grow to inspire others.  Our process-based approach ignites effective communication that can then be modeled and passed along throughout the organization.  It is our passion for people that drives us to raise the bar each day, continually improving our processes, to create life-changing results for individuals and the organizations they serve.

How People Learn and Remember:

100 % Speak So They Listen methodology combines all 3 for learners to give the best experience.